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optional parameters in WEBI

Question asked by MTGriz on Apr 23, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2011 by michael.f.brunak
I am in need to create a WEBI report with multiple optional parameters. On the WEBI side, I am using universe-based filters to handle the parameters. This allows me to pass a key value   (ALL or 0) which then is used to bypass that filter.  My problem is on the Clarity side. When you create a parameter as a drop-down field you cannot specify a default value that is not part of the list of lookup values. Therefore, you cannot use the stock lookups. When the user does not change the value of the drop-down field the [-- Select --] ] value is interpreted as NULL and WEBI chokes on that. I can create custom NSQL lookups to take care of this problem (add row with ALL or 0 and set that as the default) but this seems hugely inefficient, especially when you think of the need to move (i.e. XOG) these custom objects through the different environments.  Is there any way on earth I can use stock lookups and still make WEBI employ a default value so that the filter can be bypassed? I have experimented with undocumented features of the BO @Prompt function to specify a default value, but so far with no luck.  EDIT: I need to add that this is a multivalue parameter (or at least some are), so the NVL function Oracle database trick is not going to work in the filter.