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Peoplesoft Integration

Question asked by ca.portal.admin on Apr 27, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2010 by jfechenbach
Hi All,  My company is going to integrate Clarity with Peoplesoft and I am checking different possibilities.  I have seen the "Integration Process" chapter in the Clarity_Integration_Guide.pdf and that is a bit too high level to my current needs.  Checking  features from Clarity  I have the following list of features that are worth to use in order to integrate both products:  - Clarity Web Services - All Objects and Queries are available as Web Services in Clarity, that is good because we can easily create/update the integration interface if we use Objects and queries for that. Since the Web Services allow Read/Write, specially regarding objects, that is a great option  - We can associate Processes to Objects, that way when Objects are created through a Web Service Write we can fire a Process within Clarity and do all the required business  - We  can create processes that would  be scheduled in a  daily, weekly, etc manner  in order to get/post data to/from Peoplesoft  I have not found any other Clarity features related to Integration that we could use.  So here are my questions to anyone that might have done something similar in the past:  1. Have you used any of the features above?  2. Does Clarity Web Services support a reasonable number of requests? (since we are talking about  Project creation,  Project tasks, Project Costs,  it  should not be  a very high number of requests, but I am still not sure what 'reasonable' means to the company at this moment)  3. If you  have not used any of the above features, could you give me a high level idea of how you've done this integration (not necessarily with Peoplesoft)?  Don't take me wrong, I do believe Clarity Web Services will do the job if it can support the load, just trying to get other ideas from the community.  Regards,  Fabricio