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How to get the query behind a portlet?

Question asked by vtleogal on Apr 27, 2010
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I've read mutliple threads on here, though definitely not all, and I bet this has been answered so I apologize in advance if it has been: (I saw some that were VERY close to what I am asking)  the Weekly Details portlet out of the box utilizes the Team Allocations as its System Provider. I created a portlet with the same provider (naturally, just a different view) and I added the time scale value to capture allocations and actuals.  My problem: I would like to know where/ how to find the query behind this team allocations provider. I know it comes from the team object, but that is it. I would like to  tweak this query to only show the project once and add in a custom attribute from the Other Work ,   Project Objects.  I am trying to achieve the following   [tweak to put in NSQL for a portlet]List (or ideally try to put into a graph)  for a given Resource OBS (i.e which is why I like this provider which allows that as a filter)  all projects broken down by work type (our custom attribute on Other work, projects) to show the monthly actuals and allocations.   I even have to break down the maintenance/support by work type at the task leve, but not sure if I can do that with this.  The preference is that this is a stacked graph, but even if I get it in a grid, the managers can export it to Excel and convert to graphs.  the problem with the portlet now is that it lists the project each time. The basic is attached (using column graph in the time scale view) but again, listing duplicate data. Therefore, I would like to find the basic query behind this to tweak it.. is this possible?  Using the example: I would like it to just show on this portlet  :[team name]] Admin         (                                      time scale -- Allocations and actuals[team name] Maintenance                           time scale -- Allocations and actuals[team name] Work type 1                             time scale -- Allocations and actuals  etc.. the further kicker is to be able to add a date range in there to evaluate the monthly statistics. I might be asking for more than is possible, but at a bare minimum, if I can get the query to just then only show the project once, that would be great.    the second attachment shows the report that the managers got in the old system. The attributes in Clarity that derive the type of work are work type on the Other Work and Project object.    I hope all of that makes sense:)  V12 SP4