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More Information about PRJ_BLB_SLICES (Daily Actuals, Slice # 2)

Question asked by DJ.V on Apr 30, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2010 by another_martink
Slice #2 (slices PRASSIGNMENT.prActCurve) has actuals by day and that includes actuals from timesheets as well as transactions.  Anyone has idea how to differentiate slice data? whether it is from timesheets or transactions?  For ex. Resource A's rate is 50$/hr. Resource A timesheet submitted/posted where 4/1 had 8 hours.There was expense transaction for Resource A on 4/1 with 2 quantity of $400 each. That would make total cost 8*50 + 400*2 = $1200  If we refer to timeslice table for actuals (daily curve #2), it shows slice = 10. As per above example that's correct (8 hr from timesheet + 2 from transaction) but how would you know just from slice data that 8 are from timesheet and remaining 2 are from transactions? how would you calculate total cost?  PRJ_BLB_SLICE is associated to PRTIMESHEET (PRID) but that doesn't tell actuals are from timesheet/transactions.