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About Alertblackout

Question asked by NikhilKotagiri on Dec 8, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2009 by SergioMorales
Hello all,  We already have some alerts are in inactive state, and we want to set it up alert blackout for active alerts in the maintenance period of the servers. But we have both Inactive and active alerts in the same management modules and we want to enable only the active alerts after the blackout period. So When I Specify that Management Module in the alertblackout.xml file inactive alerts is also coming to in active state after the blackout time period.

We can specify the blackout for each alert but if you have like multiple alerts , is there any chance to specify the alerts which are in active state has to enable after the blackout period, it should not turn on the alerts which are in inactive state before the blackout time period.  lets say if we have 100 alerts in all management modules and among those  60 are in active state and 40 are in inactive state , so after the blackout time period only that 60 alerts  has to come in to the active state.