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How to implement statefull Java Program for the EPAgent and Standard JAVA

Question asked by Jean_Dagenais on Dec 22, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2009 by SergioMorales
Hello,  I am currently investigating different ways to add external data (e.g.. business data) to Introscope by using the EPAgent and the standard Java Agent.  I am comfortable with the PERL statefull and stateless scripts, and I also implemented a stateless JAVA plugin.  I am now trying to implement a JAVA SATEFULL plugin, but it does not work (I am using the same model as the stateless, but it may require other ways to publish the metrics).  I have the following questions:  a) Where can I get an example/information for writing a JAVA STATEFULL program for the EPAgent?b) Where can I get an example/information for  of a JAVA STATEFULL program which use the Data API?c) Can I use the same model for JAVA programs to extend the standard JAVA agent?  Thanks,Jean