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Tracer definition

Question asked by ca.portal.admin on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2010 by SergioMorales
Hi there,  I have been thru the tracer definition guide and I swear my syntax is correct, but where exactly can a wildcard be placed for IdentifyMatchingClassesAs statement?  The client has 100s of DLLs and is not sure which class to instrument, so wants to measure everything thats is happening on their app server [don't ask]. this is .net 1.0 (or 1.1) iscp 8.1.1.  We got hold of one of their  DLLs and opened up in reflector, it was very clear what they meant.   Dottie doesn't want to open it, says "system.reflection.reflection.typeloadexception".... whatever.  Lets say the namespace is : IAAA.IBBB.ICCC.IDDD, and  a large number of  classes defined under it each having large number of methods.  Needless to say,  at any given point in time not all methods will be executed, but they want to the ability to go and look at what happened at a give time, so  We placed a tracer def in a pbd and refer to it in the agent profile, recycle the app pool, excercise the app....  SetFlag: crazytrace
TurnOn: crazytraceIdentifyMatchingClassesAs: "IAAA.IBBB.ICCC.IDDD*" crazytraceTraceAllMethodsIfFlagged: crazytrace BlamePointTracerDifferentInstances "CT|{namespaceandclassname}|{method}"    I am told that the app server is being used all the time. I enabled agent logging at debug level. No errors in either logs.  Agent appears in workstation, but I don't see the CT node appear at all. I move the "*" around and no luck.  More questions:1. What type of methods introscope can and can't introscope monitor, public private protected etc.?2. Why did wilypermissions did not get installed? coz there is no .net 2.0?  I think thats enough for now... would be great if any of you good souls could provide some answers...  Thanks,G..