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Adding Number of Active Sessions Metric to Introscope (WebLogic)

Question asked by KingNick on Feb 8, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2010 by KingNick
Hi All,  We have the need to begin pulling the number of active sessions on our weblogic servers.   I have seen many different variations of ways to do this.  Ultimately we are going to be using the data from this metric to define our actual load testing scenarios in pre-production so it is quite important to us.   So far I have created the following directives in a custom.pbd file:   TraceOneMethodOfClass: weblogic.servlet.internal.session.CookieSessionContext getNewSession SimpleIncrementor "WebLogic|HTTP Sessions Subsystem|Cookie Sessions:Session Count"   TraceOneMethodOfClass: weblogic.servlet.internal.session.CookieSessionContext invalidateSession SimpleDecrementor "WebLogic|HTTP Sessions Subsystem|Cookie Sessions:Session Count"    I've also seen some mention of a WebLogic-specific metric called "Number of Active Sessions" and this really seems to be more of what I'm looking for but I'm not sure how to instrument it.    Does anyone else currently instrument this class and if so what does your directives line look like?     Any help would be greatly appreciated.