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URL Grouping tracing URLs under different Apps (when it shoudn't)

Question asked by MarcoScala on Mar 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2010 by SergioMorales
Hi Eveyone! I'm trying to mesure and display performances of different functionality of an e-gov portal. On the appserver (jboss) there are several Apps deployed( /ecm, /portal, and so on), but we're interested to trace URLs ONLY for a "/portal" Application. The URLs are something like "*". I made the following URL Grouper:[left] introscope.agent.urlgroup.keys=rupar{path_delimited:/:4:8} hoping to  see, under the Apps, something like:[left] Apps|portal|URLs|/rupar/[left] Apps|portal|URLs|/rupar/function1[left] Apps|portal|URLs|/rupar/function2[left] ....  [left]  [left] I was really surprised to see that event under other Apps (with of course different application context) the same URLs I have under the "portal" app.[left]  [left] Is this normal??? should I have to put some other ULR Grouping directive (and how!!!!) to grab the URLS of other apps under a "Default" url?[left]  [left] Moreover, in the IntroscopeAgent.log file I have the following errors:[left] com.wily.introscope.spec.metric.BadlyFormedNameException: Metric_Name_Is_Badly_FormedFrontends 1.***.it on port 3311]  [left]  [left]  [left] Thanks for support.  [left]  [left] Marco Scala  [left]