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Error while registering webservices observer dll

Question asked by senthil_kumar on Mar 17, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2010 by senthil_kumar
We are upgrading webservices manager 7.2 to SPM 8.2. While registering using wilyregtool located in uninstall data we are getting the following error.Introscope AutoProbe was unable to open the na  native log file at E:\Program Files\CA Wily\Introscope7.2\wily\logs\AutoProbe.logWily 8.2 home directory is D:\Program Files\CA Wily\Introscope8.2.2.0\wily. we had older version of wily(7.2) in E:\Program Files\CA Wily\Introscope7.2 and uninstalled that long back. Now we upgrading from  web services manger 7.2 to SPM 8.2. Why regtool still looking into 7.2  autoprobe logfile. How can we change the logfile location for regtool to D:\Program Files\CA Wily\Introscope8.2.2.0\wily\logs?Appreciated your responce