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My url groups are double-counting

Question asked by JohnGregg on Mar 19, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by SergioMorales
Hi all,  I created some url groups recently that mostly are doing what I want, except that I think they are double-counting.   My responses per interval and concurrent requests are ALWAYS even numbers.  Below is my config.   Our main app is deployed to /.   Other apps are deployed to /foo, /bar, etc.   It appears the problem affects both the main app and the other apps.  introscope.agent.urlgroup.keys=app1,app2,app3,bus,default{path_delimited:/:2:4}{path_delimited:/:4:6}{path_delimited:/:4:6}{path_delimited:/:4:6}*  FWIW, it appears the default stuff is showing up under bus, which matches /.   If you can suggest a fix for that also, I'd appreciate it.  thanks  john