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OBS data missing from Project and Resource pages after v13.3 upgrade

Question asked by Georgy N Joseph on Jun 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by Georgy N Joseph

Hi Friends,


Right after our v13.3 upgrade in DEV environment, we notice that all our 3 obs type info are missing from the project and resource screens in Clarity UI. But when we query the database for the same data, joining srm_projects/srm_resources with prj_obs_associations and nbi_dim_obs tables, we do get the accurate obs associations just as in PROD.


Just wondering why this data is not getting displayed in the project and resource pages in Clarity UI. All the OBS fields in the Organizational Breakdown Structures section are just blank. Please note that this is global and these OBS names don't have any special charactors too!


Please let me know if you came across this same issue or if you have any idea why this happens. We upgraded from v13.0.1, on Windows with Oracle DB.