Separate APM database when only running Intrscope (No CEM)

Discussion created by mark.ronsman on Jun 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2014 by Hiko_Davis

I recently worked with CA support on an issue.   Our APM database is about 30GB in size for each of our environments.   It's even around 30GB in size for our lowest test environment that only has 2 agents reporting into it.  I opened a ticket about this and was told that 99.9% of the data stored in the APM Database is for the CEM tool.   We do not use CEM at our company.  We only use Introscope and that's it.    I know that Triage map data is stored in the database for Introscope, but that is literally all that Introscope uses from the database.    I was told that this 30GB database size is "normal" and that it is that size largely because it contains so many (empty) partitions in the database.   Much to my dismay, there is no way to "turn off" the CEM stuff in the database or to cleanly have it deleted from the database.   So I'd like to submit an enhancement request for this.   I am hoping that by writing this post, that it is considered an "enchancement request".  If not, please let me know where I need to open such a request.   I should not be forced to have a 30GB size datbase filled with empty partitions for a tool that I don't even use.