CA OPS/MVS Tuesday Tip: Issuing different start commands for a SSM defined resource

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The start command for initializing various system resources within System State Manager is usually the exact format each and every time the resource is started. However, there are times when a start command other than the ‘normal’ start command must be issued, such as starting a CICS region with a COLD option, or using a different option on the start command for a particular resource if it is being issued on a disaster recovery system. As there are many different ways you can customize your automation to implement this type of logic within SSM, you should always utilize the ACTMODE functionality to cause SSM to trigger different actions for the same resource state condition.  Using the ACTMODE functionality will ensure that your SSM automation is running effectively and efficiently.


The outline below will demonstrate the steps needed to configure SSM to issue a ‘S jobname,START=COLD‘ command when needed instead of the normal ‘S jobname’ command when the CICS regions are in a DOWN_UP state condition. Use this outline to assist you with the effort of utilizing this ACTMODE functionality within your SSM environment when this type of logic is needed.


Assuming the normal DOWN_UP action for a CICS region (TYPE=CICS in resource table) is ‘S jobname’, but for a COLD start condition the command to be issued is ‘S jobname,START=COLD’ , follow these steps with SSM to implement this logic:


1.       Repeat current ‘normal’  DOWN_UP  action within the SSM action table and define an action mode value to represent a cold start (COLDSTRT)


       ACTION_PROCESS          : ACTION

                 ACTION_CURRENT          : DOWN

                 ACTION_DESIRED           : UP

                 ACTION_MODE                 : COLDSTRT        

                 ACTION_RES_TYPE        : CICS

                 ACTION_TEXT                  : MVSCMD("START &JOBNAME,START=COLD")


2.       Enable a SELECT switch to cause SSM to process a MATCH event within the SSM action table when a cold start is being performed:


                 ACTION_PROCESS         : SELECT

                 ACTION_CURRENT         :  DOWN

                 ACTION_DESIRED          : UP

                 ACTION_MODE                : COLDSTRT         

                 ACTION_RES_TYPE       : CICS

                 ACTION_TEXT                 : PROCESS(“MATCH”)


3.       Define a MATCH event within the SSM action table to reset the  ACTMODE column so that the normal default DOWN_UP  start command will be used in non COLDSTRT conditions:


                 ACTION_PROCESS        : MATCH

                 ACTION_CURRENT        : UP

                 ACTION_DESIRED         : UP

                 ACTION_MODE               : COLDSTRT        

                 ACTION_RES_TYPE      : CICS

                 ACTION_TEXT                : SETCOL(“ACTMODE,ACTIVE”)


4.       Update or create procedures to update the ACTMODE column to initiate a COLD start of a region the next time it is restarted (assuming this was for job CICSABC and it had to be canceled during shutdown) . This will cause SSM to  select the COLDSTRT action that was implemented above. After reaching its UP_UP state the ACTMODE setting will be reset to ACTIVE to reset the DOWN_UP action back to the normal start command.


  address SQL

                “Update STCTBL set ACTMODE = ‘COLDSTRT’ where NAME=‘CICSABC’ ”