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Changes Not Reflected to users with other Locale and language

Question asked by Supriya.Chakraborty1 on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2014 by Dave

Hi All,




We are in 13.0 (Version/Build 06 0012) with Oracle as database.



Presently in our organization we have two set of users

1) Clarity users with English Language settings.

2) Clarity users with German Language settings.



This classification will  increase in near future.



Whenever we Admins with language setting English do any changes /create  pages ,Portlet

pages or custom changes  .The changes are not reflecting for the users who

are in different locales (Who has different language settings).



As a work around presently we manually do the changes twice first in English

language and then in German language(by impersonating admin account with

German language setting ).



I have contacted CA support and was told this is default way of Clarity's working.



Is there any way so that this can be handled automatically so that we can avoid doing things manually(duplicate work)  .






Supriya Chakraborty