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Intercept, exlude and response directives are not working.

Question asked by alvgu02 Employee on Jul 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by ArpiJakab

Hi Folks!


I trying to create a java virtual service and the requirements are:


1. Create a virtual service from especific method ( this method is not implemented yet) from java class.

2. The other methods from the same java class must not be virtualized (it includes recording and playback)


I'm using the directive Intecept to take just the method from Java Class ( The method listUsers ), the exclude directive to exclude the other methods ( exclude invoke method ) from Java Class and response directive to auto-generate the response. However when I'm recording the transaction from LWS, all methods from Java Class are showing and the response from not implemented method is "null". This is my rules.xml file:


<agent name="PuntoVenta_LISATelco" guid="-936802811">

  <feature name="GUI" weight="8"/>

  <property key="AGENT_LOG_NAME" value="lisa_agent_18072.log"/>

  <property key="lisa.agent.stats.cpu.idle.threshold" value="0"/>

  <property key="" value="1000"/>

  <property key="MQMIRROR_HOST" value=""/>

  <property key="lisa.pathfinder.console" value=""/>

  <property key=""/>

  <intercept class="" method="listUsers" signature="()Lcom/telco/broker/business/Customer;"/>

  <exclude class="" method="invoke" signature="()V"/>

  <respond class="" auto="true"/>



Could anyone help me or guide me what I should do?