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JMX not working on tomcat.

Question asked by Russ_Russell on Jul 2, 2014
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I am having an issue getting a tomcat JVM to show JMX metrics. I have introscope.agent.jmx.enable=true set in the agent profile, and in the autoprobe/introscope logs I can see the settings look like they are set up correctly.



6/23/14 04:40:10 PM CDT [INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.Properties] introscope.agent.jmx.enable=true

6/23/14 04:40:10 PM CDT [INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.Properties] introscope.agent.jmx.excludeStringMetrics=true

6/23/14 04:40:10 PM CDT [INFO] [IntroscopeAgent.Properties]


Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/DispatcherMetricsHandler

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanDumpHandler

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanDump

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanDumpMBean

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanDumpOutputter

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanDumpConsoleOutputter

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanDumpSimpleXMLOutputter

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanDumper

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanDumpControlHandler

Processing class com/cognos/pogo/monitoring/jmx/dump/MBeanConfigurationChangeInterface


I turned on debug logging at the agent to see if I could find any additional information as to why the JMX is not showing up but I found nothing really in the debug info to tell me. Am I missing something obvious?


This is CA APM 9.5.2 and Tomcat 6.