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NSA not getting started after updage Clarity from 12.0.6-> 13.3

Question asked by Lala1 on Jul 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2014 by Georgy N Joseph


I am getting below error after upgrade clarity from 12.0.6 to clarity 13.3


"# service start nsa

Oracle Corporation      SunOS 5.10      Generic Patch  January 2005

You have new mail.

Unexpected command: deploy

Usage: /apps/d04/nikuapp/clarity/bin/servicebeacon [ console | start | stop | restart | condrestart | status | install | remove | dump ] Commands:   console      Launch in the current console.   start        Start in the background as a daemon process.   stop        Stop if running as a daemon or in another console.   restart      Stop if running and then start.   condrestart  Restart only if already running.   status      Query the current status.   install      Install to start automatically when system boots.   remove      Uninstall.   dump        Request a Java thread dump if running."


Waiting for help.


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