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Hierarchical Portlet - auto expand first level?

Question asked by Joerg.Pallanich on Jul 7, 2014
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we have created a hierarchical portlet on our Clarity 13.2 environment to provide the currently logged in user relevant information about the future planning:

- 1. Level: resource information like aggregated allocation, availability, utilistaion for the filtered time period

  - 2. Level: all projects where the resource is allocated for the filtered time period (Project Allocation)

    - 3. Level: all tasks where the resource is assigned and has a defined ETC in the filtered time period


Because of the fact that the user always wants to drill down to see on which projects he or she has to work I am asking if there is a way to automatically expand the hierarchy to level 2 = project level? I know that there is an auto expand option in the portlet configuration. But this would also expand all tasks. I assume that this has to be done in the query. While I was writing this post I got the idea that I could add another paramter to the query just with 1 and 0 to enable or disable the 3rd level and enabling the auto expand option. I will test it. But possibly you have also other ideas without this workaround.