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how to read the rows count of a table in a IRF

Question asked by V.Venkat on Jul 8, 2014
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Hi all,


how to read the rows count of a table in IRF?


my requirement is to populate the user input table in one IRF to different IRF with user input table for approval.

I am successfully find the way to read the table data and to assign the table data to another table in different IRF.


fetching table data:


for( i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++)

  Process.programname[i] = Process[OpName].userinput[i].programname;


for ( i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++)

  Process.sql[i] = Process[OpName].userinput[i].sql;


assigning to table content :


var arr = [];


for ( var i = 0; i < 5; i++) {

  var myarry = newValueMap();

myarry.programname = Process.programname[i];

  myarry.sql = Process.sql[i];




Form.Applicationdetails = arr;



but i would like to control the for loop with number of rows of a table instead of constant integer value.


i have tried couple of ways :


Form.rowcount = Process[OpName].userinput; // I am getting entire table using this.




Can any one suggest me to fetch the table row count of a IRF in the process?