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Do you use the IDMS with SYSPLEX in Production?

Question asked by ClaudioMartini on Jul 9, 2014
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Hi all,

I. Do you use the IDMS with SYSPLEX in Production?


II. Do you explore the following features?

  1. Shared Cache:

     1.1. Couple Facility by areas or files?

  2. Data Sharing:

     2.1. Do you use the Data Sharing in Production?

     2.2. For how long time?

     2.3. What are the definitions of groups that are in use today?

        2.3.1. Heterogeneous Group;

        2.3.2. Homogeneous Group;

        2.3.3. Hybrid Group.

  3. Dynamic DataBase Session Routing:

      3.1. Do you use the Dynamic DataBase Session Routing in Production?

      3.2. For how long time?

  4. CV Cloning:

      4.1. Do you use the CV Clonig in Production?

      4.2. For how long time?


III. Would you like to be a client reference site using  SYSPLEX with Data Sharing;


IV. Could be possible to have  your company and your contact e-mail to exchange information about IDMS  Data Sharing?




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