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Using the CLW, has anybody tried to list/query/get for agents, the current value of text-type metrics such as "EM host" or "Build and Release" etc.?

Question asked by BhatkarAyaz on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by BhatkarAyaz

Need to list some values from agent metrics using CLW, wothout using the report templates. A query in CLW such as

get raw historical data from agents matching HostUATxx(.*) and metrics matching "CPU:Processor\ Count" for past 1 minute

works just fine, though it gives 4 rows per metric. However, while executing similar CLW for other metrics such as "Agent\ Stats:Build\ and\ Release" results into blank rows. I presume, this is because of text metrics limitation on 'history' view, as is evident in Introscope Workstation as well.


Will be great, if anybody has some suggestion to get it going.