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Why does timeslicing go to sleep at midnight?

Question asked by urmas on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by urmas

I come in in the morning and look at the time the timeslices were last updated.

Many of them are updated 23:50 and some a few minutes later. Then when I poke around they start displaying more recent dates like after 8 AM. When I look at the logs there is nothing after 3 PM yesterday in the bg and app logs. When I look at the shceduled jobs processing I see the timeslicing there and if I query the database I see it has been processing for more than 8 hours. The be service is up.After having looked at various things and not having seen anything suspicious I go back to the timeslices page and all of a sudden all slices are updated something like a quarter past nine. After that they stay updated and the timeslicing is processing for a couple of second every minute. Not processing for any longer time and db query returning it only when it is processing.

What is going on? How do I find that out as there is nothing in the logs, no errors it just takes 8 plus hours to do the slicing right after midnight. Do I have to come in at midnight and see what is going on? It is a hosted system so I can access the OS to see if the server or the db is doing some moonlighting on the side.