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SVC Maintenance and New IDMS Releases

Question asked by tommy.petersen on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by Chris.Bronson

Where I work we switch SVCs when we upgrade IDMS.  We have two SVCs reserved for IDMS, and when we upgrade we change the SVC number for the upgraded systems.  I suspect this goes back to a time when the IDMS SVCs were not backwards compatible, or maybe there are other reasons that have been forgotten as people have left the company.


How do you do the SVC maintenance?  There are in my opinion several ways to do it.
1.  One SVC per environment, when the environment is upgraded, so is the SVC
2.  One SVC per CV, it is upgraded when the CV is upgraded
3.  Only one SVC for all IDMS regions, upgrade it when the new release comes in

4.  Have two SVCs switch the SVCs between releases

5.  Maybe you have another process


Will you be willing to share what you do, as well as sharing the experiences, good and bad?
We may be changing how we do it here and would like to get some input from those who are doing it differently or the same way.