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Post-condition in process

Question asked by Peter_B. on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by pjromano

Hi All,


i have a question regarding post-condition.

Currently we have a process which create action item and it's sending it to 2 resources. After one of them approve AI then whole process is going to next step --> this is done by post-codndition where we have Member assignees with status Approve =1....


What we need is get situation that approval of only one of 2 resources which get AI is sufficient and process will continue.



Imagine this situation with timesheet. each task in timesheet create AI for 2 persons in each project and we need only one of these 2 persons to approve it to get process continue. Of course in timesheet you can have many tasks from many projects with different i need to get for each project only 1 approval which should be sufficient.


If i change condition from beginning to ALLassignees, in this case i need approval of both persons which is also not OK.


Any ideas if this is possible in clarity v 13.3?



Peter B.