CA App Services Orchestrator v1.0 - Agile collaboration program.

Discussion created by Simon_Cockayne Employee on Aug 1, 2014

Hello there CA 2E community,


I’d like to invite you to join the CA App Services Orchestrator v1.0 agile collaboration program.


We’ve just started development of this new product, which can take existing web services (such as CA 2E SOAP web services) and orchestrate them into new, more valuable, services, including RESTful services.


As you might know, the priority for CA Plex r7.2 is to support our AppDev strategy by adding integration support for Layer 7…and the journey continues with CA App Services Orchestrator.


Such Layer 7 integration could well be a good candidate for post CA 2E r8.7 work.


You can register for the CA App Services Orchestrator agile collaboration program here:


If you have any problems with the registration process, please feel free to reach out to Deanna Tilton (tilton_deanna), who is responsible for Customer Validation Management.






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