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APM KBs for July

Question asked by Hallett_German Employee on Aug 1, 2014

1.  TEC614777  MQ 7.5 support for APM
2.  TEC614776  Which defect types show component timing information in defects and reports?

3.  TEC614778  Getting the Application Server error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
4.  TEC000000  [Japanese] Incorrect values in PerIntervalCounter       

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5.  TEC614780  Receiving  a warning message on EM startup: Duplicate Extension WebSphere PMI Aggregation Extension.
6.  TEC614779  Postgres Vacuum command fails and gives a Timeout error.
7.  TEC614793  Is the  9.6 APM agent compatible with Websphere 8.5/8.5.5 on Windows 2012? 

8.  TEC614683  Can TIM detecting RST packets cause missing or partial response defects?  

9. TEC614675  Percentile calculations in APM CE (CEM) Analysis Graph Statistics Reports      

10.TEC614601  How to install ABA on Linux using a silent install. 

11. TEC614520  How is the Frontend application name in the Introscope Investigator determined.       

12. TEC614523  Enterprise Manager is logging the warning message "hourly stats not processed: no monitors enabled" repeatedly        

13. TEC614522  Warning from ChangeDetector "Heartbeat: RuntimeClassMonitor:Java Class Monitor has been running for
    excessively long time"      

14. TEC614524  How is the metric "GCMonitor : Percentage of Java Heap Used" calculated.      

15. TEC614390  How to generate an APM report to list the Build and Release Information for all agents connected to  the EM.    

16. TEC614391  Does the RSA BSAFE DUAL_EC_DRBG vulnerability impact CA Application Performance Management components?      


17. TEC614352  Do you require a license file to run APM 9.6 Enterprise Manager?   

18. TEC614353  High SiteMinder decode failures with TIM.    

19. TEC614354  APM Database schema (Oracle) is not updated after an upgrade.    

20.TEC614352  Do you require a license file to run APM 9.6 Enterprise Manager ?  

21.TEC614351  “Couldn't understand PMIv6 value at null for: <counter>” Error in Websphere Agent Logs        

22. TEC614226  How can Webview Cache be cleared?          

22. TEC614227  Can Appmap display response-based transactions ?  

23. TEC614225  APM Support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2.  

24. TEC614229  Using the APM Database without APM CE (CEM ) creates large empty data partitions.   

25. TEC614161  Does TIM support SSL/TLS Certificate Chains?  

26. TEC614151   Why are WebSphere nodes in a cluster failing to start, even if one node is not instrumented ?  
27.TEC614008  Does the APM CE (CEM) Transaction/User SLA Success Rate Observed include the defect types (Missing  Response, Partial Response, Slow Response) when calculating values?  
28.TEC614007  Which APM Database vendor should we choose ?  
29. TEC614003  Can the TIM XML Plugin processing be disabled temporarily?  
30. TEC613959  How to generate requests to invoke Introscope Webservices API?  
31. TEC613954  After upgrading, URL Groups do not show up under the Frontend Root Context.            

32.TEC613908  Unable to view IIS metrics for an 8.2.3 Introscope Agent on IIS 7 using Windows 2008 R2.         

33. TEC613845  APM CE (CEM) assigns a User to an incorrect User Group.    

34. TEC613492  9.5 Introscope Webservices API: no support for getExtendedMetricData Operation for the Metrics Data Web Service