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Do you see an "Ideas" tab?

Question asked by corpdir-approval on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2014 by SamCreek

CA established the new enhancement process.

For half a year now already one cannot request product enhancements through a support case any more.


While I can't find the wiki that shall exactly describe how to submit enhancement requests, I also cannot find the "ideas" tab mentioned in

New - Requesting Prod Enhancements - CA SiteMinder, AuthMinder & RiskMinder


to be here

CA Security Global User Community


which lead me to this page upon redirects.


Or may be you can point me to the correct place for


which redirects me to

The Water Cooler


I really would like to submit some enhancement requests if I only could some how.


At least it fits the general picture: nothing works "out of the box". Everything needs patching, additional support, trouble shooting, extra effort.