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Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Aug 4, 2014

Hi Clarity Community Members,


I'll start off by saying that most of this post was put together by my team members MelissaPotvin and MaryGreening. They did such a great job I wanted to share it with the IT Business Management Communities as well. Thank you both


Well, a bit over a one month has gone by since the launch of our new Communities platform.  If you are feeling a little lost or overwhelmed, that is normal!  So, I wanted to give you a few hints, tips and tricks to help you jump-start your experience:


1.  Update Your Profile

If you haven't already done so, please update your profile. After logging in to the community site, you’ll see a global drop down with a silhouette icon to the left of the search bar (if you already have a picture uploaded, you’ll see your picture instead). Open the drop-down menu and click on “Edit Profile.”  From the edit page, you can upload a picture or two, add your contact information, select an avatar that will be displayed in any posts/comments you create, and control your privacy settings. You can also add some of your skills/expertise from your main profile page so that other members can find you and identify your areas of expertise.


2.  Connect with People and Communities
Now is a great time to get connected with other people and places that interest you. Follow friends, colleagues, partners or even network with people you don't know yet.  If you are a new member of the communities, be on the lookout for our New Member Webcast Events (next one September 3rd) which will be posted in the The Water Cooler Community.   Another great place to visit is our brand new Training community which has many how-to documents as well as tips and tricks for the new system.


3.  Create a Stream

Streams are a great way to follow specific content. The default streams on the CA Communities homepage include an Activity Stream (all activity on all communities) and a Connections Stream (all activity from people/places you are following). There is also an option to create a custom stream where you can indicate certain people or places that you’d like to follow more closely. Click “+New Stream” from the navigation panel on the left side of the Home page to begin creating your custom stream. From there, you can select specific people or communities to add to the stream. For example: I have a Stream called “Clarity Community” that follows the “CA Clarity Community". Once you create that Stream, you can default the stream as your homepage by clicking on the gear symbol, and selecting “Set as Home.”


4.  Follow is the New Subscribe

Get emails for the content you are following. Click the down arrow next to your global drop-down and click “Preferences.” Click the "On" button next to your custom streams or inbox in order to begin receiving email updates.


5.  Ask a Question/Answer a Question, Follow, Like, Share, Bookmark!

Now that you are set up, visit the content area of our community to review questions posted by others, or click on the pencil icon (top right) on our main community page to start your own discussion!


6.  Vote on an Idea

Ideas submitted on the old community have been moved over to this new community. You can view them by going to the “Content” page and then selecting “Ideas”.  Open a specific idea to review the details, add a comment or vote it up or down. In addition, you can add new ideas via the “Actions” menu.  Just select “Create an idea.” You can also Follow ideas by clicking the “Follow” button after opening the idea.



Hopefully you find this information helpful!




PS.  Did you know there are other IT Business Management Communities? You might want to check them out as well!

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