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how to convert custom TSV field in FTE

Question asked by Kafca01 on Aug 5, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by urmas

Hi All,

we have a specific business problem using Clarity to solve:  we have to found a solution to convert in FTE the hours stored in a customer TSV field located in the Portlet Capacity Role.


The customer requirement is to compare the standard clarity availability with an availability calculated by the customer. In our system we created a custom TSV field to store this information for each role and, to give to the user the evidence of it, the custom availability was added in the aggregation section of the Role Capacity portlet.

All work well if the unit of measure of the work effort is Hours, but when the user change the unit in FTE, Clarity doesn't convert value of the custom field according whit the unit of measure chosen.


Does someone know how to configure Clarity in order to active the standard conversion of work effort for the customer fields?


Many thanks