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Subobject View not getting updated

Question asked by suhail.sayed on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by suhail.sayed

There is a Subobject for e.g. 'XYZ' that is associated to the Master Object i.e. Project. I have added some new attributes within XYZ, and updated the views for XYZ with the new sections and new attributes added to it. The views has been updated for all the 4 Partitions present within XYZ. Then, I tried to use the function 'Publish' for all the 4 Partition Views to get published. However, when I logout and login, and go to the Project -> Properties page within the Application side of the CA Clarity PPM v13, I am not able to see the updated XYZ (Subobject). The XYZ Link is present, but, it is still showing the old view. I already replaced this old view with a new view on the Subobject Admin side, but, it doesn't seem to give a proper result on the Application side. Am I missing out on something?