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ExecuteProcess XML response payload mysteries

Question asked by ErMaGerd on Aug 8, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by Tom_Kouhsari

I notice there are some mysterious yet potentially useful tags in the ExecuteProcess response payload, such as:

  • <sender-address>none</sender-address>
  • <connection-id>none</connection-id>


Does anyone have any idea how these are used? There is no description of what these elements are or what they do.


Here's some background. I'm interested in utilizing some of the OOB parameters to help identify information about the initiator of request data into PAM (so I can configure how I process the request based on some configuration data held within dataset objects). As an example, right now I'm using effectiveUser and dynamically deriving the configuration data surrounding all process steps from a dataset corresponding to the effectiveUser. Based on some guessing, connection-id in particular seems like it would be a better choice since it doesn't seem to require any type of user/password authentication and authorization, but there isn't any documentation surrounding what it actually is or how it's used (or not used) by PAM.


Any insight would be extremely helpful.