Monthly Datamart Extraction Failure

Discussion created by CMCN1982 on Aug 11, 2014
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Hi guys,


on the first day of the month, when our monthly rollover occurs, the datamart extraction job fails because the translog fills up and uses all available space on the drive on which it resides. The obvious solution is to add more space to the drive. I believe that CA recommend that this drive should be 4 times the size of the database.


Our database size currently looks like this:


users_large - 66GB

users_small - 105GB

index_large - 78GB

index_small 60GB

niku_mdf - 41GB


= Total 350GB.


The drive on which the translog resides is 180GB in size. But according to CA this drive should probably be 350 x 4 = 1.4TB ?


This is an awful lot of storage to pay for which is going to be very under utilised apart from the monthly instance referred to above.

Are there any other options available? Is it possible to split the translog file and spread it among other drives? How would this impact performance?


Does anyone else experience similar? Suggestions/advice much appreciated. Thanks.