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"Return To" in a Clarity portlet?

Question asked by Dave on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by urmas

Has anyone ever implemented a controlled "Return To" for (from) a Clarity portlet successfully?




What I mean is, the problem when you build a NSQL portlet that contains a link to a data item (for example the instance of a sub-object) when the user "Returns" on the sub-object page they are returned to the list of sub-object instances rather than the portlet from which they actually came from? (there are some IDEAS Return Button - should return user to where they came from , Return option on Sub Objects and Make "Return" / "Save & Return" actually RETURN to make this sort of thing work in various areas of the system).


I recall a "workaround" being suggested a few years ago at a CA conference that we could (through convoluted means) perhaps include the "ReturnTo" text in the URL in the link generated in the NSQL portlet (perhaps using the URL redirection RE: Re: URL Redirect to a Clarity Page technique as well, I don't quite recall).... what I am wondering is whether anyone has ever got this all to work satisfactorily (and would like to share the steps)?