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Clarity 13 user issues with UI

Question asked by Pankaj_Navlekar on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2014 by urmas

I have been closely observing many of the new UI features in Clarity 13.1 while working through them. While it is a great advancement surely I still find some of the things that are hard to ignore. I have summarised my observations in the following bullet points.


I'll want to hear back from all the community members on their thoughts. See below.


1. Progress icon flashes at the top right corner

When you click on a page in Clarity the revolving timer appears on the top right and nobody notices it, this creates a lot of confusion to users who think nothing is happening and they click again. This causes the page to load up once again after it does once. It is a very evasive experience.



2. Fly-away menu

I think this menu has actually increased the number of clicks than reducing it. Take for instance Reports and Jobs,  In Clarity 12 you could click on Jobs and then just have both the Available/Scheduled jobs as Sub-menus "already" showing up, now it does not so for that to drop down, you make an additional click and then click on the relevant link. Same with Projects-->Sub-projects, Project-->Process (Available and Initiated) and all such places.



3. In-line editing

Assume editing a set of drop-downs in a list mode. What was needed in 12.1 was just click on EDIT MODE and all fields were editable right before you, imagine what you have to do now if you have to edit 10 drop-downs in a 50 row grid

  a. Firstly 'left-click' on each individual drop-down and wait for a half a second (AT LEAST) for the revolving timer to make the drop-down editable. Even if there is no wait, an extra- click surely is involved per edit. Then click again for it to drop-down. if you edit 10 drop-downs *50 rows, 500 clicks!!!! (and a wait of several seconds in all, sometimes). If you use TAB button instead of a click you end up pressing TAB 500 times!!



  b. Also, note that the TAB button is not helpful in a very specific scenario. Imagine you have 10 columns configured but you only want to edit the 2nd column (say Resource Active) and there are 50 such rows in the grid. You will certainly not press TAB since it will traverse the whole default 10-column route to get to the next row. In such a case you end up sing a mouse click and so having 50 extra clicks!



4. In IE-10, I noticed that when you first click on a drop-down while in-line editing and select a value, nothing gets selected, you have to select again.



5. If you have to edit a field that's a link, you have to be careful when clicking to make it editable, if you click straight on the text you are taken to that link. So, you have to click somewhere "outside" the text but within the text box so as to in-line edit it. This "aiming" exercise may sometimes be very tedious.



6. Drop-downs with more than 20 values don't show editable on list view while doing in-line editing. The only workaround is have such option fields configured as browse-only.