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App vs Mobile Web

Discussion created by Robert Ensinger on Aug 14, 2014
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I'm interested in other's thoughts.


I'm aware of the Appification of the Web. This may make sense for many consumer sites and services.


In the Enterprise, when people discuss business apps, the conversation soon becomes a discussion on Mobile Device Management & Enterprise Mobility Management. These technologies are absolutely necessary for devices that download and upload content between the mobile device and Enterprise systems. It's important to be able to secure and, if necessary, remotely wipe the local enterprise content.


*IF* no content will be exchanged between the mobile device & the Enterprise systems - does an app just add unnecessary overhead?


Apps need to be developed for each platform.

- Mobile solution to be available for Windows phones


Apps in the Enterprise may have extra security/authentication needs.

- Mobile Timesheet availability outside of network

- Mobile App Authentication

- Mobile Timesheet Manager Support for SSO

- Make Mobile Application Work with OnDemand


Apps in the Enterprise will need to be deployed and managed via an organization's EMM solution, adding effort, compatibility requirements, and licensing cost.

- Clarity MTM: Build-in additional SDKs to enable application-wrapping

- Mobile App integration with Airwatch

- SDK for Clarity Mobile App


There are many activities that users would benefit from being able to do from a mobile device.

- Team Members can enter time and see their Tasks, any Assigned Issues or Action Items.

- Project Managers could review high level information on their projects just like the PMO Accelerator's PM Alerts.

- Resource Managers could review high level information on their resources (timesheets, requisitions, staffing commitment levels, late tasks, Assigned Issues or Action Items).


Does there need to be an app for these communication and data entry activities, or, as long as there's nothing being downloaded or uploaded to the device, wouldn't a responsive mobile browser experience be good enough?


Does your organization have your Clarity web interface secured, yet publicly available through your firewall via a web browser today? If so...

clarity on my phone.jpg


What are your thoughts? Do we need an app for that? Or just a better mobile web experience?