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Error Codes - 500 & 503

Question asked by suhail.sayed on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2014 by urmas

Hi there,


I would like to know what Error Code - 500 and 503 actually means.


Error 500:


It says, "Out of memory - changes made by JVM" (something similar). But, I am not able to understand it. Is it because the security caches were not flushed? We stopped all the services and started them again. And, the CA Clarity PPM application started working fine. What exactly does this error mean?


Error 503:

It occurs when I use https://...action:xog.client for xog-in and xog-out. It throws some error that says, "Temporarily these features have been made inactive." (something similar). And, I cannot see the xog.client webpage. Has anyone come across this before?


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