New Voke survey on Service Virtualization

Discussion created by Chris_Kraus Employee on Aug 18, 2014

Tell the analyst community how you are using service visualization and value you get.  Voke is updating there research and want to hear from customers. 

Service Virtualization 2014 Survey


About the survey:

voke is an independent analyst firm and a champion of lifecycle virtualization.  voke is conducting research about enterprise IT organizations and invites you to participate in a survey about service virtualization.  This is voke’s fifth survey about using virtualization in the application lifecycle.


voke wants to hear your opinion about whether or not you use service virtualization.


·         Is your work delayed while waiting for applications, services, and components to be available?

·         Are you able to test early in the lifecycle or are you waiting for applications, services, and components to be fully complete before testing?

·         Have you gained productivity from using a service virtualization solution?

Please tell us about your organization and whether or not you are using service virtualization in your application lifecycle.

Share your story to participate in this exciting research.  After completing the survey, you will receive an offer to receive a free report based on this research.