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Alerting: Complicated alerting requirement to starting and ending a "problem" and sending mails on problem start & solved

Question asked by StefanSiegl on Aug 19, 2014
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I have the requirement to model the alerting on an end-to-end measurement (e2e) in the following way. Unfortunately this requirement comes from upper management, so it would be nice if I could realize it:

  • A problem situation starts as soon as two consecutive intervals are above the threshold for the measurement
  • The problem is fixed as soon as two consecutive intervals are below the interval
  • Note that the problem is only considered as fixed as soon as two consecutive intervals are below the threshold. This means that the sequence AABABABABA (A: Above, B: Below) would be considered to still have a problem
  • The group of people to inform is increasing with growing duration of the problem, say after 4 intervals of a problem group x is informed, after 8 intervals group y is informed
  • After the problem is solved (2 consecutive intervals below) an email should be sent to everyone that was informed of the problem


Fortunately we only have 2 metrics that we need to report like that (growing at max to like 10), but I dont think I can model sth like that with Introscope Alerts (or can I?).


Is there any way to extend Introscope to solve this. I think on a solution where I have a metric that keeps the current status of the problem and read the metrics myself and change the metric value based on there being two consecutive above events or two consecutive below events. I could even have additional signaling metric that helps me to register the problem being solved (increase the metric to 1 and reset it to 0), so i can put an alert onto that... but I am rambling.


So do you see any way of solving this?

Thanks you so much,