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Question asked by KLohia Employee on Aug 20, 2014

Welcome to the CA API Management customer community site! Whether you are an existing customer, prospective user, partner, or employee you are welcome to actively participate in this community focused on CA’s API Management (formerly Layer 7) solutions.


The goal of the site is to increase customer to customer or user to user communication and collaboration around CA API Management solutions and to provide a place where you can “learn, connect and share”. While CA is hosting this community platform and CA team members will regularly contribute, the success of this community will be driven by your participation.


Some things to know:

  • You will need to login and register at  –> then “Follow” the CA API Management Community (bookmark it)
  • There is also The Water Cooler (a community for discussion about the communities – please follow in order to receive important announcements about the platform)
  • Useful video:
  • Review the CA Communities User Guide.
  • The site is Google searchable, and you do NOT need to be logged on to view the content.
  • The site uses the new product names and branding vs Layer 7, but a lot of content still refers to Layer 7.
  • There is a new Jive Mobile App for Android and iOS available to access community information from your mobile device.
  • MaryGreening is the CA Communities manager for the site, so please contact her with any questions or issues.


Happy Collaborating


Kapil Lohia

VP, Integration Executive for Layer 7