CA Tuesday Tip: (CA IDMS) List of RHDCOPTF optional bit settings

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CA IDMS Tuesday Tip by Edward Gorga, Principal Support Engineer for August 21, 2014



For a few releases now, most optional APARs are permanently coded into the CA IDMS software and are activated by use of a bit setting in the RHDCOPTF module. Say for example you want to activate  optional bit setting 47. You activate it by coding the following in the RHDCOPTF module:


       #DEFOPTF OPT00047


The whole module would look like this:

         TITLE 'RHDCOPTF - Optional APAR Bitmap Table'

         #DEFOPTF OPT00047




The RHDCOPTF source is in the CUSTOM.SRCLIB library in member RHDCOPTF.

Sample JCL to assemble and link RHDCOPTF is in the CAGJSAMP library in member RHDCOPTF.


The optional bit settings are documented in the following informational PTFs.


For release 18.5 see  RI70658.

For release 18.0 see  RI29610.

For release 17.0 see  RI08751.

For release 16.0 see  QI53099.