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DNS Mapping Issue - Clarity / Internet Explorer

Question asked by Scott Derderian on Aug 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by Scott Derderian

We are currently testing a migration of our Clarity v13.2 implementation from AIX / WebSphere to Linux/Tomcat.


In our current configuration, (Websphere IHS and App Server - running on AIX) we have a DNS mapping that enables our users to enter a more user - friendly address in their browser window than the physical server name.  I believe it maps to the IP address of the physical app server running clarity (port 80).


We have the DNS mapping set up in our LINUX/Tomcat instance in like fashion - accessing the App server directly.


The redirect functions as intended when accessed via Firefox or Chrome.  When we attempt in IE (versions 8 and 11) , the Clarity Login page appears, but once the user enteres their login credentials, the General page appears VERY briefly, then the user is redirected to the Clarity Login page.


It is not sitting behind an F5 or any other load balancer.


Our next step in attempting to resolve is standing up an Apache web server on the LINUX/Tomcat instance, rather than hitting the app server directly.


In the meantime, has anyone out there encountered something similar?  If so, can you share how you resolved, or other things we should be looking at?