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PAM Remedy & Atrium CMDB Connector - How to get up and running?

Question asked by Sebastian_Marquardt on Aug 27, 2014
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i´m working with Process Automation for a while and now i have to use the Remedy Premium Connector for the first time.

To me, it sems like i have to use CA Catalyst to get it up and running. All Operators ask for a "UCF Broker URL" Parameter.


Anyway, the PAM Documatation (4.2) is saying that there is an embedded Catalyst installed with the Domain Orchestrator. Is that correct? How can i determine if it is installed?

And, if not, how can i install Catalyst? I can´t find any binaries or something.


Has anyone done that before?

I just found a thread where ist was implemented with SOI, but we don´t have that here.


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