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Problems with WSDL retrieval using Read ACL profile.

Question asked by Hyper10n on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by Hyper10n

Hi all


We are currently experiencing an odd problem when setting Read and Execute ACL's.


You can see below the structure of our test flow. We are using a "Web Service Execution (XML)" step and, only for testing this issue, a "HTTP/HTML Request" step.

ACL problem002.jpg

When we set "Read ACL" to Anonymous, then the WSDL can be retrieved/refreshed (and assertion passes) but when we set it to the respective permissions group, then suddenly we get the error marker as shown in the image below next to "Service: getMemberInsuranceDetail" when we try and refresh the WSDL (and the assertion fails).

Also, when the the "Web Service Execution (XML)" step is run, the "Ensure XML Validation" assertion fails with the following error:

   Could not locate hasSchema: http://....wsdl:getMemberInsuranceDetail?wsdl due to error: 401


ACL problem.jpg


We know that it should work because we are using the correct Authorisation Key, which returns the WSDL when we run the "HTTP/HTML Request".


Does anybody have any thoughts?