Calling all Poll Takers! Give some feedback to the product team.

Discussion created by MaryGreening on Aug 29, 2014
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Hi Everyone!


It's a great afternoon to answer some polls put together by the product team over the last couple of weeks. Your feedback is important so let's do this!  Click on the links below to go straight to the poll. To find Polls in the future you can go to the community home page and click the Content link.  That will take you to the Content page and from there you can click the Polls  filter on the content ribbon at the top of the page.



Do you currently have access control (ACL) enabled in your LISA productions environment?   


How often do you use the "Merge into" option in VSI Recorder?


What Database engine do you use to host your production LISA Install?


Internet Explorer 8 Support


Dev Console Use


Mail Server Security Integration Requirements


Use of HTTP Expect Headers

Have a great weekend!