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WebUI cannot open Dashboard with images which can be displayed by the Rich Client

Question asked by MatthiasNovaTec on Sep 1, 2014
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I currently have a weird situation with a dashboard that contains 5 images. The dashboard can be opened in the Rich Client but it cannot be loaded in the WebUI. I did a test in which I started again with 0 images and always added 1 and checked the result. When I add the 5th image, the dashboard cannot be loaded anymore. It doesn't look like a specific image causes the problem because I also did another test in which I inserted one of the working images twice. Unfortunately, at the end my other dashboards could be opened but images are not displayed anymore. Looks like a restart of the WebUI is necessary to solve the problem. Does anyone of you has experienced similar behaviour? Do you know how to fix this problems.


Thanks for your answers!



Matthias Huber