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[Custom EMail Plugin] Bug: Formatting is not stored, Feature: HTML Mails, Question: Any chance I can update this plugin?

Question asked by StefanSiegl on Sep 2, 2014
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We are using the custom plugin for creating and sending mails, which improved on the default mail sending facilities of Introscope. We now face a few challenges with the current realization and have a few additional requirements. So I would like to ask whether these problems can be fixed by the one creating the plugin (who would that be?) or if it is possible for me to fix / adapt the plugin myself and to share this new version.


Bug: Formating is not stored

The formating of the mail text is not persisted in the management module. As we have to create mails that include a description of the problem, possible solutions, etc. it is necessary to structure the mail in some way. We currently use linebreaks, but these linebreaks are lost as soon as the management module is copied. I had a look into the xml of the management module. The text does not contain the linebreaks, so I assume that this information is not persisted.


Feature: HTML Emails

In order to improve mail customization (e.g. write certain heading in bigger letters or bold) it would be nice to allow the mail text to be HTML. This can be added easily by having an additional checkbox that activates HTML mailing. If this checkbox is activated, the text is interpreted as html.


So do you think these points can be addressed or do you know of a way for me to address them and build the extension again?


Thank you,