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Gel script email to Project Manager help.

Question asked by stephen_floyd on Sep 10, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by stephen_floyd

HI All


I have a simple gel script to e-mail a group of PM's to let them know that they have been attached to an investment and outline what their role/responsibilities are when updating the investment. I have tested it on myself but when I build the process I want to start the process when the Manager field is updated. My problem is the condition settings. I want to prompt the process to send an e-mail to the PM of the investment but the expression doesn't allow me to select the Manager field without having to put in constant.


I want to be able to put in the expression that whoever's name is entered into the Managers attribute on the investment they get the e-mail.


See attached. Can anyone help me....Please...


I could use the action item within the process but that is limit in terms of the content on the email.