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How to parameterize REST url and save it in a property?

Question asked by Ankush_Panday on Sep 12, 2014

Hi All,


We are currently working on REST protocol based requests and can see URLs having differences in 1 or 2 attributes. How can we parametrize those attributes and save them in a property to use the same in Response step?




http://localhost:9090/ABC/XYZ/123/090  - request 1


http://localhost:9090/ABC/PQR/123/077 - request 2


Need to parametrize like this:




In my case these are not saving into property as "{ }" in LISA doesn't represent property. So what is the alternative for this.


Need to pass string 1 and string 2 in response for different requests. Otherwise, I need to record all the incoming requests, which is not feasible as I don't have.


Please let me know if this is possible.