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Filter Portlets : Refresh when adding a new field

Question asked by Dave on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by navzjoshi00

I have a filter portlet that I use to control a the display of a consistent set of data across multiple "dashboards". It all works well and I am happy with it (neat functionality IMHO).


I am thinking of using my existing portlet to control some new functionality that I am building - the new functionality has some additional requirements that mean I want some additional filter fields.


So I just add additional fields into the existing filter portlet, and when I am still using that filter portlet against the "old" dashboards, then the new fields are not mapped in the page and so just don't appear on the "old" dashboard (all good so far).


And when I use the old filter-portlet against my new dashboard it all works OK too using the existing filter-sets (saved by the user against the old dashboards).


However... if I save a new format filter-set (i.e. populate one of my new filter fields and save that criteria), it starts to go "funny"... what happens is that when I move from a "new filter-set" to an "old filter-set" then the additional (new) field is carried over to the "old-filter set" (to which it does not apply).


I understand why this is happening and what the user can do about it  (recreate their saved-filters), I was just wondering if anyone knew of a quick application-friendly way to resolve this without having to get users to re-create all their saved filters or without me having to do this on the back-end (thru supported/unsupported means).